This equine hoof positioning block is the ultimate immobiliser for enhancing the precision and quality of LM/AP X-rays. The Podoblock guarantees the same angle in every position while maximally minimising the radiation due to the “hands-free” system.

1. Podoblock Base element (height)

Choose the height of your Base Element

  • *

    Base Element 90 mm + 450,00
    Base Element 120 mm + 450,00
    Base Element 170 mm + 450,00

2. Topblock

Choose the preferred angle of your Topblock or Flatplate

  • *

    Topblock – 45° + 175,00
    Topblock – 50° + 175,00
    Topblock – 55° + 175,00
    Topblock – 60° + 175,00
    Topblock – 60° Upright Pedal + 175,00
    Topblock – Wedge 10° + 75,00
    Topblock – Flatplate AP + 175,00
    Topblock – Flatplate LM/AP + 175,00
    Topblock – Flatplate LM/AP/45° + 175,00

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Equine Hoof Positioning Block Base Element

The cassette holder can be placed in the slots of the Podoblock in definite LM / AP / 45° positions.

  • Material: aluminium base and a synthetic PE500 top piece
  • 4 rubber feet



With the interchangeable top blocks that range from 45° to 60° with 5° increments, equine veterinarians can now obtain the most precise and high-quality images from their x-ray takes.

  • Made of synthetic PE500



In addition, the topblock flat-plate standing blocks enhance efficiency when taking oblique radiographs of the horse’s foot. When combining the flatplates with the podoblock, veterinarians can now take AP, LM+AP or LM+AP+45° exams by placing the cassette holder in the positioning slots. The flatplates are all made of anti-slip synthetic PE500 material. 

Note: The best combination to use the Topblock Flatplate is with the 90mm height model of the Podoblock.


Best combination with additional products

In combination with our Podoholder, Podo-Protectionbox or DR-Cowboybox, this unique system guarantees maximum radiation distance and no fingers on the X-rays.

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Orthopaedics, X-ray


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