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DR-Quadro is a state of the art lightweight protection frame for your DR flat panel. The rubber sides provides extra protection and a soft edge to absorb impact. A smart locking system allows you to attach additional screen protection, grids or backscatter lead to your panel in no time.

  • Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Available in any size

The DR-Quadro is available in any size. After ordering, we will contact you about the specifications.

Upgrades for the DR-Quadro


1. Choose you preferences and accessories

Easily put together your DR-Quadro. Select your equipment and add-ons.

  • *

    DR Quadro + 1.090,00
    Only Extra’s + 0,00

2. Choose your extension(s)

Add multiple extensions for DR-Quadro

  • *

    DR-Quadro Distance stick + 245,00
    DR-Quadro Handgrip + 130,00
    DR-Quadro Support foot + 145,00

3. Add a protector

Normal Screen Protector and Carbon Screen Protector

  • *

    DR-Quadro Screen Protector + 95,00
    DR-Quadro Carbon Screen Protector + 315,00

Product total

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Product configuration total:

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The DR-Quadro consists of 4 different components to be ordered separately. So the product can be compiled to your specific needs.

  • DR-Quadro – aluminium frame with additional rubber protection and 4 messing sliders to easily attach additional protection
  • Handgrip – a handgrip that you can easily slide on and off the frame on any side.
  • 3D distance stick – The distance stick can rotate in any direction. The remote stick can rotate in any direction. It provides more distance from the radiation. You can slide it easily on and off the frame on any side.
  • Support foot – A tool to keep the panel stable. And you don’t have to carry the weight.

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