Conference – Practical aspects of horse purchase and sale research

Our Salespartner MKJ Radiologigia will be present with a booth and will show Podoblock products on this conference in Poland.

Location: Supra-Regional Agricultural Congress Centre in Pawłowice (ul. Pawłowicka 87/89; 101; 51-250 Wrocław)

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On 31 March and 20 April 2022, ISELP refresher courses will be held. ISELP stands for International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology and ISELP is therefore committed to improving diagnosis and therapy of lameness.
During these evenings, different cases regarding locomotion problems in horses will be discussed by ISELP certified speakers. Both veterinarians and veterinary students will be present.

Podoblock is sponsor of this event. We will not be physically present ourselves, but sincerely recommend participation.

Ultrasound Workshop

On 4 March, Veterinary Study Association Ghent – horse (VSGp) will organise an ultrasound workshop together with Mrs Boterman and Mr Hoegaerts.

Podoblock is sponsor of this event. We will not be present with a booth.


Peerdepieten is the most spectacular event that the Diergeneeskundige Studenten Kring organises every year. With an average of 1000 visitors, it is also the biggest event. With already the 64th edition in the offing, this beautiful tradition seems to be the most normal thing in the world. However, there was a time when the birthday, also known as Dies Natalis, of the D.S.K. was not celebrated in this way. Until one Until a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon in May 1958…

The then Praeses, Gerben de Boer, challenged the Utrechtse Paardensport Vereniging to a race between the two associations. Driving a trotter from a sulky had to be child’s play, Gerben de Boer thought. To prove itself, the first Peerdepietenkoers took place a few weeks later. The name derived from the insult that the Utrecht veterinary students had for their Belgian colleagues: Peerdepiet. Like a real veterinary student, Gerben de Boer was an all-rounder and won the very first Peerdepietenkoers, held at Mereveld.

Now, many years later, Peerdepieten has become the most beautiful event of the year. It can no longer be ignored in the life of the veterinary student. This year, the battle will be between three gentlemen and seven ladies. They have been working up a sweat since December to win the coveted title of Peerdepetra or Peerdepiet. The day will be concluded with a fantastic party, after which everyone will leave for Utrecht.

Podoblock is happy to be sponsor of one this traditional and spectacular event.

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Bargteheide Imaging Day

The 5th Bargteheide Imaging Day is on Saturday 14 May 2022 incl. updating of the X-ray qualification for veterinarians. View the full programme on the website of horse clinic Bargteheide.

Podoblock is sponsor of this event and will be present with a booth.


Because of Covid this anniversary convention was postponed for 2 years.

The Dutch Association for Teeth Care in the Horse was founded in 2010. Meanwhile, the association has about 180 members, consisting of both dental hygienists and vets. The purpose of the association is, among other things, to have dental hygienists work more intensively together with vets and vice versa, but also to be able to train, network and exchange knowledge on a regular basis.

The conference is accredited with the IAED and the dutch veterinairy board.

Podoblock is present with a booth to show the Equine Dental Products

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IGFP-Congress 2022

The IGFP aims to promote and develop knowledge and skills in equine dentistry and its implementation in equine dental treatment. Equine dental care in Germany must achieve a quality standard that serves the health and rideability of our horses. The IGFP has set itself this goal in its statutes. The certified members of the association have undergone a voluntary 2 to 3-day practical and theoretical examination, which is intended to clarify the quality standards of their work and correspond to American and Canadian standards.

Podoblock is an annual sponsor of the IGFP congress, and this year, we will be there with a booth (Location number 6 ) during the course days at the exhibition hall with our complete Equine Dental product program to display.

The exhibition days will be from Friday 11 till Saturday 12 March 2022. Learn more about the event here.

Cardiovascular conditions of the sports horses

The 6th module of the advanced training in the horse’s musculoskeletal and medical sports conditions will take place on 17 – 20 March 2022.

Podoblock is an annual sponsor of the Advanced Training modules, and we will be supplying various products to use in practical demonstration.

Module 6: Sports Medicine 2 – Cardiovascular conditions

The module will cover field techniques used to investigate poor performance in sport horses which will run for 4 days with 8 contact hours, totalling 32 hours. DR. Emmanuelle van Erck and Maria Martin Cuervo will conduct the training in English.

Learning objective

Identification and management of cardiovascular abnormalities leading to poor performance in sport horses in English.

  1. To identify the diagnostic tools used to investigate cardiac conditions affecting
    • Know in detail the thoracic points of auscultation of the normal and suspect
      cardiac diseased horse
    • Interpret and grade cardiac murmurs and arrythmias
    • Know the indications, principles, limitations and interpretation of an
    • Know the indications, principles, limitations and interpretation of mobile
      cardiac telemetry
    • Know the indications, principles, limitations and interpretation of equine
      echocardiography and doppler use
  2. To know the standardised placement of electrodes in horses for
    electrocardiography/telemetry and the corresponding readings
  3. To learn in practice how to place and orient the probe in order to obtain reference
    images and be able to interpret correctly the observed cardiac anatomy in
  4. To learn in practice how to perform a scan using M-Mode and Doppler in
  5. Know how to establish a reliable prognosis for a heart diseased horse according to its
  6. Be aware of the current accepted available therapeutic management strategies and
    their possibilities for the heart diseased horse.
  7. Take part in active cardiac case discussions.

About Event

Ongoing practical training for professionals with an emphasis on locomotor injuries and sports medicine. The training has four core workshops covering the anatomical, biomechanical and imaging evaluation of all the horse’s regions and the primary therapeutics. Two additional modules will cover the use of quantitative movement analysis and field sports medicine in clinical practice.

About the Organisation

EQUARTER is a continuous training company developed by Dr Jairo Jaramillo Cárdenas and his wife, Dr Gabriela Chiesa Sá Cardenas, specialising in the locomotor system. It organises general and personalised training in several South and Latin American countries and Dubai and North Korea. It arrives for the first time in Europe and Portugal by Dr Mónica Mira of AL EQUINE 4VETS, the component of the company AL EQUINE aimed at specific products and services for equine veterinary doctors.

To learn more about the event, such as cost and registration, please follow the link: Al Equine


The conference on equine medicine (main conference) will take place on April 8th and 9th, 2022, in the usual rooms of the Congress Center Essen West, Germany. The conference is organised by Dr. Stefan Wachtarz Dr. Wachtarz – Fortbildungen – Pferdemedizin committee. Podoblock is a proud sponsor of this event.

Podoblock will be present with a booth during the course days at the exhibition hall with their complete product program to display.

Prof. Dr. Astrid Rijkenhuizen
Dr. Stefan Wachtarz
Dr. Stefan Wachtarz

To learn more about the programming, click here.


The Congress Center Essen West, Germany

To register for the event, please follow the link:

The 11th Leipziger Tierärztekongress

The Leipzig Veterinary Congress is the largest continuing education event for veterinary medicine in the German-speaking world. In 2020, 6,200 participants from 26 countries came to Leipzig to take advantage of the high-calibre congress programme for their continuing education and training and to exchange views on highly topical issues relating to veterinary medicine. Only in Leipzig do veterinarians from all fields and other professional groups in the veterinary sector receive a comprehensive range of offers at both the congress and the vetexpo trade fair, which focus on topics specific to the animal species as well as interdisciplinary topics.

Podoblock will be present with a booth ( D01, see floorplan) during the course days at the exhibition Hall 02 with their complete product program to display

Floorplan Leipziger Tierärtzekongress

BEVA Congress 2022

The BEVA Congress 2022 will commence on the 7th – 10th September at the ACC Congress centre in Liverpool, United Kingdom. This event is, particularly for equine veterinarians.

As an annual sponsor and participant of BEVA exhibitions, Podoblock will be present with a booth (A16-18) to display our Innovative Imaging Solutions products. You will find us located next Grovet – also a Dutch company.

We will also be serving Dutch beer and Cheese during happy hours! We hope to see you there!

About BEVA Congress

BEVA Congress is a unique opportunity to discover, learn, and get together with equine vets from across the globe.

Packed full of inspiring, thought-provoking CPD, Congress runs across six streams that cover the breadth of the equine veterinary sciences and with a mix of lectures, workshops and practicals, it is the place to listen and interact with leading practitioners, be updated on the latest innovations and hear perspectives from world-renowned specialists.

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Gait analysis in equine practice

The 7th module of the advanced training in the horse’s musculoskeletal and medical sports conditions will be in October 2022. (Look out for dates)

Podoblock is an annual sponsor of the Advanced Training modules, and we will be supplying various products to use in practical demonstration.

Module 7: Gait analysis in equine practice

The module will cover gait analysis in equine practice and span for 4 days with 8 contact hours, totalling 32 hours. DR. Marie Rhodin, Constanza Gomez Alvarez and Filipe Serra Bragança will conduct the training in English.

Learning Objectives

  1. To be acquainted with the principles of biomechanics in relation to the horse’s gait.
  2. To understand the limitations of subjective gait evaluation based on supporting
  3. To understand the different technologies used to objectively analyse gait, namely
    kinematics and kinetics and their advantages and limitations
  4. To be familiar with the technology and information obtained from three commercial
    objective gait analysis devices: Lameness Locator©, Qualisys© and Equimoves©
    • To identify their benefits and limitations.
    • To compare the three systems during practical application.
    • To interpret the results produced by the systems: including techniques to
      differentiate true from compensatory lameness.
  5. To experience subjective and objective gait analyses in compensatory and multiple
    lameness cases.
  6. To appreciate potential benefits of integration of objective gait quantification system
    in practice including international examples: potential, market demand and financial
  7. To be familiar with potential future applications and research related to objective gait
  8. Clinical cases work-ups using objective gait measurements.