The Pelvis 2022 In-Person Module

The Pelvis module uses clinical case presentations and live demonstrations and aims to improve the diagnosis and management of pelvis pain and injuries in the field.  

Conditions reviewed include sacroiliac and lumbosacral arthropathies, pelvic fatigue and traumatic fractures and coxofemoral conditions. Special emphasis is placed on the prognosis and management of the different conditions.

Podoblock will be present with a booth.

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The 11th Leipziger Tierärztekongress

The Leipzig Veterinary Congress is the largest continuing education event for veterinary medicine in the German-speaking world. In 2020, 6,200 participants from 26 countries came to Leipzig to take advantage of the high-calibre congress programme for their continuing education and training and to exchange views on highly topical issues relating to veterinary medicine. Only in Leipzig do veterinarians from all fields and other professional groups in the veterinary sector receive a comprehensive range of offers at both the congress and the vetexpo trade fair, which focus on topics specific to the animal species as well as interdisciplinary topics.

Podoblock will be present with a booth ( D01, see floorplan) during the course days at the exhibition Hall 02 with their complete product program to display

Floorplan Leipziger Tierärtzekongress

Advanced training in musculoskeletal and medical sport conditions of horses

Identification and management of cardiovascular abnormalities leading to poor performance
in sport horses

Podoblock is an annual sponsor of the Advanced Training modules, and we will be supplying various products to use in practical demonstration.

Learning Objectives

  1. To identify the diagnostic tools used to investigate cardiac conditions affecting performance.
    • Know in detail the thoracic points of auscultation of the normal and suspect cardiac diseased horse
    • Interpret and grade cardiac murmurs and arrythmias
    • Know the indications, principles, limitations and interpretation of an electrocardiogram
    • Know the indications, principles, limitations and interpretation of mobile cardiac telemetry
    • Know the indications, principles, limitations and interpretation of equine echocardiography and doppler use
  1. To know the standardised placement of electrodes in horses for electrocardiography/telemetry and the corresponding readings
  2. To learn in practice how to place and orient the probe in order to obtain reference images and be able to interpret correctly the observed cardiac anatomy in echocardiography
  3. To learn in practice how to perform a scan using M-Mode and Doppler in echocardiography
  4. Know how to establish a reliable prognosis for a heart diseased horse according to its use
  5. Be aware of the current accepted available therapeutic management strategies and their possibilities for the heart diseased horse
  6. Take part in active cardiac case discussions

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BEVA Congress 2022

The BEVA Congress 2022 will commence on the 7th – 10th September at the ACC Congress centre in Liverpool, United Kingdom. This event is, particularly for equine veterinarians.

As an annual sponsor and participant of BEVA exhibitions, Podoblock will be present with a booth (A16-18) to display our Innovative Imaging Solutions products. You will find us located next Grovet – also a Dutch company.

We will also be serving Dutch beer and Cheese during happy hours! We hope to see you there!

About BEVA Congress

BEVA Congress is a unique opportunity to discover, learn, and get together with equine vets from across the globe.

Packed full of inspiring, thought-provoking CPD, Congress runs across six streams that cover the breadth of the equine veterinary sciences and with a mix of lectures, workshops and practicals, it is the place to listen and interact with leading practitioners, be updated on the latest innovations and hear perspectives from world-renowned specialists.

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X-ray course Perfect X-ray of the horse’s back

With the X-ray course, especially for the horse’s back, another advanced training course will take place at Euhm und Rehbein’s OstseeCollege from 9 – 10 September.

Would you like to perfect your horseback x-ray skills? If you have a licence to practise as a veterinary surgeon and horses are particularly close to your heart, then you have come to the right place.

In May 2022, Oehm und Rehbein GmbH opened its OstseeCollege – a platform for practical training and further education. Under the motto “Learning where others go on holiday”, independent veterinary and human medical further training courses on current and challenging topics are offered at a high quality level.

Podoblock is sponsor of this wetlab and we will be supplying various products to use in practical demonstration.

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ISELP – The Hock & Crus 2022

The Hock and Crus module uses background knowledge and clinical case presentations as well as demonstrations to explore some of the most common conditions of the hind limb that practitioners deal with in everyday practice. 

Conditions reviewed include proximal and distal hock joint conditions including interosseus enthesopathies and collateral desmopathies, periarticular conditions such as plantar tarsal sheath syndrome and commun calcanean tendinopathy as well as cranial and caudal crus conditions. Special emphasis is placed on the rehabilitation and the rational corrective shoeing of the different conditions using kinesitherapic shoes.

Podoblock is sponsor of this event and will be present with a booth

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The Stifle & Thigh 2022 In-Person Module – France

The Stifle and Thigh module aims to improve the diagnosis and management of many of the proximal hind limb conditions encountered in the field using clinical case presentations and live demonstrations. Conditions reviewed include many femoropatellar and femorotibial conditions and thigh conditions.

Special emphasis is made on the management and rehabilitation program of the different conditions.

Podoblock is sponsor of this event and will be present with a booth.

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68th AAEP annual convention

The AAEP Annual Convention is the world’s most comprehensive continuing education event devoted to equine practiceThe meeting is anchored by well over 100 hours of practical continuing education in relevant areas of equine medicine; a 300-exhibitor strong trade show featuring the newest products and services to boost your practice; and a daily slate of networking and social events at which old friendships are rekindled and new connections established.

Podoblock USA will be present with a booth and the Dutch collegue’s will be present to support 🙂

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European Veterinary Dental Forum

Ukraine conflict

The boards of the EVDS, EVDC and the LOC of Krakow have been monitoring the situation with regard to holding the 2022 EVDF in Krakow. They have been receiving large numbers of cancellations and with the ongoing uncertainty it is with great sadness that they had to make the decision to postpone the event for 7th – 9th April 2022.
There will also be no online/on-demand congress this year.

Hereby we would like to inform that the new dates will be Thursday 27 to Saturday 29 of April 2023, in the ICE Kraków Congress Centre in Krakow, Poland.

The European Veterinary Dental Forum is an annual event that offers an excellent opportunity for veterinarians to advance their knowledge of veterinary dentistry while in others with the same passion for veterinary dentistry.

Each year The European Veterinary Dental Forum choose a new location to allow attendees to explore new countries. This also provides an opportunity to be educated, entertained, and do some sightseeing. 

Podoblock will exhibit our product program via a shared booth at the exhibition hall through Dr Julius Peters – the owner of The European Equine Dentistry Company.  

For more information about the event and to register, see here.

Congress Venue

Congress Venue
Marii Konopnickiej 17, 30-302 Kraków

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Conference – Practical aspects of horse purchase and sale research

Our Salespartner MKJ Radiologigia will be present with a booth and will show Podoblock products on this conference in Poland.

Location: Supra-Regional Agricultural Congress Centre in Pawłowice (ul. Pawłowicka 87/89; 101; 51-250 Wrocław)

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Ultrasound Workshop

On 4 March, Veterinary Study Association Ghent – horse (VSGp) will organise an ultrasound workshop together with Mrs Boterman and Mr Hoegaerts.

Podoblock is sponsor of this event. We will not be present with a booth.


Because of Covid this anniversary convention was postponed for 2 years.

The Dutch Association for Teeth Care in the Horse was founded in 2010. Meanwhile, the association has about 180 members, consisting of both dental hygienists and vets. The purpose of the association is, among other things, to have dental hygienists work more intensively together with vets and vice versa, but also to be able to train, network and exchange knowledge on a regular basis.

The conference is accredited with the IAED and the dutch veterinairy board.

Podoblock is present with a booth to show the Equine Dental Products

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