Featuring the foal boot

RedBoot Corrective Foal
Every year thousands of foals are born with flexural or angular limb deformities or deviations at the level of the carpus or fetlocks-avoiding that they are reaching their optimal performance level later in life. We introduce the Redboot. 
The Argentinian-born boot is a revolutionary line of boots, braces and prostheses.

They are specially designed in lighter and durable materials that adapt anatomically and with comfort, avoiding the injuries that old-fashioned devices can produce.
– Designed to be used in all fetlocks
– For the correction of flexural limb deformities or contracted tendons
– Correction of angular limb deformities or toe in-toe out conditions
– Prevention of acquired retraction due to pain post-injury
– For permanent or temporary immobilization of the distal limb for better management of fractures, tendon and ligament injuries and wounds
– One size fits all up to 90 days old depending on size and breed
You can order your RedBoot Corrective Foal Boot here. 


Besides our Adjustable Hooftester, we now also have a regular Hooftester. The Hooftester is an invaluable resource for determining just where and how bad a hoof is damaged. The Podoblock Hooftester is of good quality and a must-have for every vet. And the price is friendly and accessible for everyone.

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The world is still struggling with the COVID-19 virus. At Podobolock, we work in shifts to answer all emails and phone calls as well as possible.

We can now deliver Covid-19 Protective Screens.

Standard size: 750 mm high and 900 mm wide
Material: transparent polycarbonate
Price: € 79,00 per screen
Stock: yes
Shipping: daily throughout the world

The screen comes with 2 self-supporting feet and can be placed universally on any desk or entrance counter.

Do you want to order these Covid-19 Protective screens, do not hesitate to contact us by sending us an email or giving us a call?

And in the meantime, please take care and stay healthy.