DR-Protectionbox is a handheld, lightweight, portable x-ray flat panel protective cover that secures and protects your expensive device from outside influences. The box is suitable for all imaging professionals within the veterinary and human medical imaging field.

Key benefit is the strong long lasting Polycarbonate material that withstand wear and tear from daily use which rarely ever breaks, and therefore can last at least 10 years!

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Material: Strong Polycarbonate

Colours: Transparent and White

Size: Available in all DR Flat Panel sizes


If you want to use the Protectionbox combined with our Podoblock or DR-Combibox, we advise you to choose the DR-Podo-Protectionbox.

Additional information

Flatpanel brand

Agfa, Canon, Carestream, DRTech, Fuji FDR, Heska / IRay, iRay, ISO standard, Konica Minolta, O&R XenOR, PerkinElmer, Rayence / Vatech, Samsung, Sound, Thales Pixium, Toshiba, Vieworks

Flatpanel number

Cuattro 1013 HD / Luna NDT 1013LA, 10" x 12" / 280 x 330 mm, 10” x 13”/ 269 x 362 mm, 14" x 17" / 385 x 460 mm, 17” x 17” / 460 x 460 mm, 24 x 30 cm / 267 x 327 mm, DR10s / DR10e Wireless, DR14s / DR14e Wireless, DX-D 40C/DX-D 40G Wireless, DX-D 45C/45G Wireless, XD10 / XD+10, XD14 / XD14+, AeroDR 1012HQ, AeroDR 1417S, CXDI-70C/CXDI-701C, CXDI-801C/ CXDI-810C/CXDI-810C, CXDI-710C/CXDI-702C/CXDI-720CW, CXDI-420CW, D-EVO C24i Wireless, D-EVO II C24 Wireless, D-EVO III C25i Wireless, D-EVO G35i/C35i/ ES G35/C35 / D-EVO III C35i Wireless, D-EVO II G43/C43 / ES G43/C43 Wireless D-EVO III G43/C43i Wireless, ES C24 Wireless, D-EVO II G35/C35 Wireless, 1012WCA Wireless, 1012WCC / WGC, 1417PCA / PGA Wireless, 1417WGC / WCC Wireless, 1717WCC / WGC Wireless, XRPad 3025™ Wireless, XRPad 4336™ Wireless, 1012NAW /Examion X-DR M Wifi VW, VIVIX-S 1417W / 1417N Wireless/ Examinon X-DR L Wifi VW, VIVIX-V2532P/T/D Wireless, VIVIX-S 2530VW, FDX2530RPW Wireless, FDX3543RPW Wireless, EVS2430W Wireless, EVS3643 Wireless, Portable 2430EZ Wireless, Next 2530CW, Next 4336W, Next CXDI-810C, 24CW Wireless, 35CW Wireless, 33-100w-flex, DRX Plus 2530C, DRX Core 3543, S3025-W, S4335-W, VIVIX-S-3643VW, VIVIX-S 2530FW, VIVIX-S 3643FW, VIVIX-S 4343FW


Equine, Small Animal, Human



Product type

Flat Panel Protection covers

X-ray System

DR (Digital)

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