15 October 2020

Repairs & Services from Podoblock

Product Repairs, and what “NOT” to do 

First and foremost, we want to thank all of you who have supported us throughout the years—that’s why we offer our support in return. 

From the initial stage of our company, one of the most crucial factors for building the business was developing durable and made of the highest quality material. 

We have always set our standard through high product quality, and we continue to maintain that. Therefore, our products are made to last and rarely damage by themselves. If there are any damages, there usually is an explanation for it. 

In such cases, we can help by first determining what the damages are through speaking over the phone or images through WhatsApp or e-mail. We listen. And if the product comes with a warranty, we can guide you with instructions from our side, and only then might you be able to repair it yourself with parts we can send.

If all fails, we will send a loan replacement to fix the damaged item or send a new one. 

Example: Dismantled NewCart (DO NOT DO THIS)

We strongly advise against dismantling a product before speaking with us or reporting it first. 

The reason is, our products are sometimes complicated yet straightforward, and you may not know what the problem is. It could be tiny and fixable by you or something more complicated. That is why we strongly recommend that you report it first.

The rest we will do, happily. 

Events Updates

As COVID-19 continues to erupt our lives, we saw many of the annual events and workshops cancelled this year. 

AAEP and BEVA, two of the most significant annual events, have also been cancelled. However, there are a minor few. Others have switched to virtual online. 

These are the following location-based upcoming events for the rest of the year. And Podoblock is a proud sponsor. 
Workshop on horse’s knee-joint

Date: 14 November 2020

Location: Pferdeklinik Barkhof, Sottrum, Germany

This 1-day workshop will focus on the anatomy and physiology of the knee joint, clinical and radiological examination, sonographic examination.

KNMVD Actualiseringscursus Paard
 Date: 29 Oct &  25 Nov  2020
 Location:  Utrecht, Zwolle & Lent

This course will be focused on the theme: “Around and on the horse in 2020”. They will take place at 3 locations throughout the Netherlands.
Check the KNMVD website for more information.

Advanced Course for Equine Vets in Portugal
: 3, 4, 5 & 6 December 2020
Location: Evora, Portugal

This course will feature Diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for injuries of the elbow, carpus, metacarpus and fetlock regions. Veterinarians will have an 8-hour contact during the four days. The workshop will be conducted by  Jairo Jaramillo Cardenas.

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We hope that we will soon overcome this pandemic – together, and we will get back to participating in these events and just meeting up with our customers, partners, friends and associates. 

Until then, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or requests. We are more than happy to assist you further.