Three reasons why you should work remotely with your flatpanel


Working at distance keeps you further away from the X-ray generator and so reduces the exposure to radiation


Working with a stand or DR-Cowboybox reduces lifting and relieves back and shoulders


A stand reduces the need for one pair of hands and stabilizes your flat panel for sharp images


Watch the video to see a demonstration of the remote control possibilities of your Flat Panel Detector.

All stand options are
compatible with the
DR-Buckybox or DR-Cowboybox


Denfinity with 3D jointDR-CowboyboxBucky LiteStat-X Bucky
Maximum load 0 – 10 kg 0 – 10 kg0 – 7 kg 4 – 15 kg
Weight6,7 kg+/- 2,5 kg
(depends on panel size)
4,2 kg21 kg
Material stainless steel aluminiumaluminium aluminium
Transport sizebase 40×35 cm
pole 96 cm
Stick L 70 cm L94 x W23 x H23 cmL110 x W30 x H32 cm
Max height bracket175 cm49 cm175 cm185 cm
Height adjustment96 – 175 cm 28 – 49 cm 90-175 cm0 -185 cm
Height adjustmentstagedstagelessstagelessstageless
(Swing)arm Length92 cm 75 cm
LM-Head support
Support Foot long
DR Cowboybox package
Swingarm Espléndido
Swingarm Vaquero
Price € 1000,-from € 740,-€ 1.025,-€ 3.750,-