7 January 2021

New products in Outlet shop

Even equine veterinarians look for bargains when shopping for tools for their veterinary business. Well, you’re in luck because we moved the Angleator and Sørender to the outlet shop with almost 50% discount on the original prices! Take advantage of this super deal before the offer expires. Check out the fantastic benefits these products provide, now with a great discount! 


ItemOriginalOutlet Price
Angleator Set | Base + Dummy€700.00€335.00
Angleator Base€550.00€270.00

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To facilitate safe and precise endotracheal intubation procedures in equine dentistry. The device can be inserted between the incisors and combined with a full anaesthetic with an extra Ø 30 mm or Ø 50 mm hole for endotracheal tube transit. The boithane straps tightly secure the mouth gag in place, thus freeing the veterinarian’s hands while focusing on the procedure.

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