12 May 2020

New Product Release: Bucky Lite


The brand new, most efficient and cost-effective version of our Stat-X Bucky stand. 

The Bucky Lite is an all-purpose mobile collapsible stand that is:
– light-weighted for easy transportation, 
– efficient for quick handling during exams, 
– practical for your x-raying system 

Set up takes 5 seconds! 
– Push down the slide bar located on the vertical tube, and the connecting base wheels will extend outwards and set into a working position.
– It requires no tools or skills and no loose components. 

Added usability and compatibility
– There is a ‘slide & lock’ adapter at the top of the tripod for connecting to the integrated 3D adjustable joint to our (optional) DR-Buckybox or DR-Cowboybox.             

It takes only 2 seconds!

Price € 975
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As most countries are beginning to open up and relax the quarantine rules, many people return to work, school, and other public venues. However, we must still take all the necessary precautions to avoid a recurrence of COVID-19.
With that in mind, Podoblock is now supplying the COVID-19 Protective Screens for your office setting. 

The screen comes with 2 self-supporting feet, which can be placed universally on any desk or entrance counter.
Standard size:   H 700mm x W 900mm
Material:             4mm transparent polycarbonate
Stock:                  yes
Shipping:            daily throughout the world

Price € 79
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You can also give us a call at 0031 – 50-8200 257 to place your order. 
We at Podoblock wish you good health, stay safe and stay home if you can.