Generator Stand Solutions

Three reasons why you should work with a generator stand


Working at distance keeps you further away from the X-ray generator and so reduces the exposure to radiation


Working with a stand reduces lifting and relieves back and shoulders


A stand reduces the need for one pair of hands and stabilizes your generator for sharp images

Watch the video to see the

Podoblock Generator Stand Solution options


jiXtrStat-X Vaquero
Stat-X Vaquero
Heavy Duty
Stat-X Espléndido
Stat-X Espléndido
Heavy Duty
Maximum load 15 kg16 kg25 kg14 kg23 kg
Weight 5 kg22 kg22 kg22 kg22 kg
Materiallight-weight aluminiumaluminiumaluminiumaluminiumaluminium
Transport size L12 x W15 x H75 cm L140 x W30 x H32L132 x W30 x H32L114 x W30 x H32 cmL147 x W30 x H32 cm
Max height Bracket201 cm195 cm 198 cm 195 cm 220 cm
Height adjustment0 – 201 cm 0 – 195 cm 0 – 198 cm 0 – 195 0 – 220 cm

Stat-X Vaquero comparison

Stat-X Espléndido comparison

The stands are compatible
with all portable X-ray devices