2 January 2021

Fresh start 2021, and Brexit

Happy New Year!

We wish you all a prosperous 2021. This year we look forward to better serve you through our communication channels, product repair services and processes.
We hope that soon we will have some normality to our lives again – how we communicate and interact with each other, whether through exhibitions or small in-person conversations.  And that means we hope to meet again soon. Until then, we wish you good health and fortunes. 

Fresh Start

In 2020, we worked tirelessly on our branding strategy. As a result, we have a new and fresh style, including a redesigned logo and tagline. We’ve retained the name Podoblock because the product was our first and signature product that set the company’s foundation. And of which we are proud. This transformation is to facilitate the expansion of Podoblock – which we will share with you soon. Stay tuned!

Brexit and Podoblock

On January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom has left the European Union. However, luckily, the UK managed, just in time, to settle on a trade deal called the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA). Read more here

Our main office is located in the Netherlands, and this also affects how we conduct business with our UK customers and sales partners, especially regarding the shipping procedure.

How will this influence UK customers purchasing from Podoblock?

If you’re purchasing from us:

  • There will be no import duties on products shipping to the UK with a value from GBP 135.00 and higher. 
  • Expect at least one day delay in shipping due to extra paperwork and customs handling.

We will work effortlessly to ensure that all shipments are processed as efficiently as possible. However, if you incur any problems or change in prices via our webshop, and it doesn’t look right, please contact our sales office to rectify the issue(s). 

That said, we wish you all the best and a smooth process throughout the year. 


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