11 April 2022


Peerdepieten is the most spectacular event that the Diergeneeskundige Studenten Kring organises every year. With an average of 1000 visitors, it is also the biggest event. With already the 64th edition in the offing, this beautiful tradition seems to be the most normal thing in the world. However, there was a time when the birthday, also known as Dies Natalis, of the D.S.K. was not celebrated in this way. Until one Until a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon in May 1958…

The then Praeses, Gerben de Boer, challenged the Utrechtse Paardensport Vereniging to a race between the two associations. Driving a trotter from a sulky had to be child’s play, Gerben de Boer thought. To prove itself, the first Peerdepietenkoers took place a few weeks later. The name derived from the insult that the Utrecht veterinary students had for their Belgian colleagues: Peerdepiet. Like a real veterinary student, Gerben de Boer was an all-rounder and won the very first Peerdepietenkoers, held at Mereveld.

Now, many years later, Peerdepieten has become the most beautiful event of the year. It can no longer be ignored in the life of the veterinary student. This year, the battle will be between three gentlemen and seven ladies. They have been working up a sweat since December to win the coveted title of Peerdepetra or Peerdepiet. The day will be concluded with a fantastic party, after which everyone will leave for Utrecht.

Podoblock is happy to be sponsor of one this traditional and spectacular event.

More information at https://dskonline.nl/vereniging/peerdepieten/