7 December 2021

Cardiovascular conditions of the sports horses

The 6th module of the advanced training in the horse’s musculoskeletal and medical sports conditions will take place on 17 – 20 March 2022.

Podoblock is an annual sponsor of the Advanced Training modules, and we will be supplying various products to use in practical demonstration.

Module 6: Sports Medicine 2 – Cardiovascular conditions

The module will cover field techniques used to investigate poor performance in sport horses which will run for 4 days with 8 contact hours, totalling 32 hours. DR. Emmanuelle van Erck and Maria Martin Cuervo will conduct the training in English.

Learning objective

Identification and management of cardiovascular abnormalities leading to poor performance in sport horses in English.

  1. To identify the diagnostic tools used to investigate cardiac conditions affecting
    • Know in detail the thoracic points of auscultation of the normal and suspect
      cardiac diseased horse
    • Interpret and grade cardiac murmurs and arrythmias
    • Know the indications, principles, limitations and interpretation of an
    • Know the indications, principles, limitations and interpretation of mobile
      cardiac telemetry
    • Know the indications, principles, limitations and interpretation of equine
      echocardiography and doppler use
  2. To know the standardised placement of electrodes in horses for
    electrocardiography/telemetry and the corresponding readings
  3. To learn in practice how to place and orient the probe in order to obtain reference
    images and be able to interpret correctly the observed cardiac anatomy in
  4. To learn in practice how to perform a scan using M-Mode and Doppler in
  5. Know how to establish a reliable prognosis for a heart diseased horse according to its
  6. Be aware of the current accepted available therapeutic management strategies and
    their possibilities for the heart diseased horse.
  7. Take part in active cardiac case discussions.

About Event

Ongoing practical training for professionals with an emphasis on locomotor injuries and sports medicine. The training has four core workshops covering the anatomical, biomechanical and imaging evaluation of all the horse’s regions and the primary therapeutics. Two additional modules will cover the use of quantitative movement analysis and field sports medicine in clinical practice.

About the Organisation

EQUARTER is a continuous training company developed by Dr Jairo Jaramillo Cárdenas and his wife, Dr Gabriela Chiesa Sá Cardenas, specialising in the locomotor system. It organises general and personalised training in several South and Latin American countries and Dubai and North Korea. It arrives for the first time in Europe and Portugal by Dr Mónica Mira of AL EQUINE 4VETS, the component of the company AL EQUINE aimed at specific products and services for equine veterinary doctors.

To learn more about the event, such as cost and registration, please follow the link: Al Equine