31 January 2024

ISELP Distal Hindlimb Hybrid Module

The Distal Hind Limb/Hind PSL module uses clinical case presentations and live demonstrations to explore the most common conditions of the Metatarsus, Fetlock, Pastern and Hind Foot that practitioners deal with in everyday practice.  

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Conditions reviewed include metatarsal diseases with special emphasis on the proximal suspensory desmopathies and enthesopathies; hind fetlock diseases including digital sheath tenosynovitis; Pastern injuries including sesamoidean desmopathies and digital flexor tendinopathies; and hind Foot conditions (distal sesamoid bone and third phalanx injuries). Special emphasis is placed on the rational corrective shoeing of the different conditions using kinesitherapic shoes.

Podoblock will be present with a booth

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