7 December 2021

Gait analysis in equine practice

The 7th module of the advanced training in the horse’s musculoskeletal and medical sports conditions will be in October 2022. (Look out for dates)

Podoblock is an annual sponsor of the Advanced Training modules, and we will be supplying various products to use in practical demonstration.

Module 7: Gait analysis in equine practice

The module will cover gait analysis in equine practice and span for 4 days with 8 contact hours, totalling 32 hours. DR. Marie Rhodin, Constanza Gomez Alvarez and Filipe Serra Bragança will conduct the training in English.

Learning Objectives

  1. To be acquainted with the principles of biomechanics in relation to the horse’s gait.
  2. To understand the limitations of subjective gait evaluation based on supporting
  3. To understand the different technologies used to objectively analyse gait, namely
    kinematics and kinetics and their advantages and limitations
  4. To be familiar with the technology and information obtained from three commercial
    objective gait analysis devices: Lameness Locator©, Qualisys© and Equimoves©
    • To identify their benefits and limitations.
    • To compare the three systems during practical application.
    • To interpret the results produced by the systems: including techniques to
      differentiate true from compensatory lameness.
  5. To experience subjective and objective gait analyses in compensatory and multiple
    lameness cases.
  6. To appreciate potential benefits of integration of objective gait quantification system
    in practice including international examples: potential, market demand and financial
  7. To be familiar with potential future applications and research related to objective gait
  8. Clinical cases work-ups using objective gait measurements.