28 May 2020

New Product: JiXtr

At our month-end (May 2020) Newsletter, we introduced our new and improved JiXtr portable generator stand. We also introduced our new marketing colleague – Rousanna Baird.

We are pleased to introduce the newly redesigned, compact and light-weighted JiXtr Portable Generator Stand!

The new and improved JiXtr stand is another step in our master plan to make our products more efficient, simple and effective for conducting your daily practices. With the new adjustments, you have a:
compact, lightweight and durable stand 
built-in locking button system for sustaining the weight of the generator 
new model with a cleaner look for efficiency while maintaining technical standards

Meet Rousanna Baird- our new marketing colleague

After  Euf – our marketing guy from Podoblock (12 years ago), passed away, Rousanna joined our team.
She is originally from Guyana (formerly British Guiana) and now lives in the Netherlands for 5-years.  She is married and mother to an 11-month old baby girl and lives on a farm with cows, horses, chickens, cats and dogs. 

Rousanna graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor in Marketing and Communication and has several years of experience in the Online- and Offline marketing field.

Due to COVID19, Rousanna, like most people, had to work from home during her first weeks in the company. However, soon she will be at the office three days a week. So far, we have been pleased with the work she’s been doing. 

This year, there are some mature upcoming marketing projects, and Rousanna will inform you about them on behalf of the Podoblock team through the newsletter, Linked In, and other social media channels.
Stay tuned. 
– New Product in our Ultrasound Solutions Chapter
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