DRagster vs SCANster vs NewCart

Imagine having all your necessary tools in one simplified transport system to grab and go. We offer several smart, compact and lightweight carts to make life easier for any veterinarian on the move. Place the necessary items conveniently at the desired height beside you. Practical and ergonomic

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Highest load capacity,
sturdy cart
€ 1.395

Lowest weight,
highest position
€ 1.195,-

Best buy, most
sophisticated choice
€ 1.690,-
Maximum load35 kg15 kg15 kg
Weight14,5 kg13,1 kg19 kg
Plateau sizeW58 x D46 cmW55 x D37,5 cmW57 x D37 cm
Height-adjustment25 to 86 cm25 to 112 cm30 to 106 cm
Height-adjustment3 positions: 25, 56, 86 cm4 positions: 25, 42, 77, 112 cmStageless with gas spring
Pull-out handle for transportyesnoyes
Wheels2 swivel locking wheels / Ø 200 mm 2 Castor wheels / Ø 125 mm4 locking swivel wheels / Ø 80 mm4 locking swivel wheels / Ø 100 mm
Transport sizeW64 x D52 x H27 cmW58 x D41 x H26 cmW64 x D46 x H30 cm
Storage space bottomnonoyes
ProbeRack upgradeOptionalOptionalOptional
Price€ 1.395€ 1.195,-€ 1.690,-



Lowest3 positions
25 cm
4 positions

25 cm
Stageless height adjustment

30 cm

56 cm

42 cm



77 cm
86 cm

112 cm

106 cm
Optional ProbeRack

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