19 November 2020

Christmas promotion: The Podoblock Plus Parade!

In this month’s marketing newsletter, we launched the Podoblock Plus Parade promotion just before the Holiday season!

Welcome to the Podoblock Plus Parade!

Ah, yes! It’s that time of the year again when we transform in awe at Christmas lights and shiny decorations and Christmas carols.  And as part of sharing the joy this holiday season, we are launching a Plus Parade at Podoblock! 

What is the Podoblock Plus Parade? 
Simple. When you order an item from our webshop, you will receive a discount on that product but when you add (plus +)  another product (any product) you receive a higher discount rate. The more you add, the more discount you receive!

So go ahead, parade away and get up to 10% off discount with your bundled purchases! Valid from December 1-15, 2020. 

Podoblock Plus Parade Promotion

Discounts are available on all items on the webshop – including our outlet shop and will be automatically added to your shopping list. 

 Discounts are as follows: 
– 1 item   =   2% discount
– 2 items =   4% discount
– 3 items =   6% discount
– 4 items =   8% discount
– 5 items =   10% discount
(max discount, not max items)

Take advantage now and welcome the new year with stacked inventory for your practice!