7 February 2020

Celebrating Euf the artist who left us

The January issue of our newsletter is an obituary to our colleague Euf Holthof.

Euf Holthof : a piece of art

Obituary Podoblock’s
Euf Holthof
25 May 1962 – 23 December 2019

We are sad to inform you that our colleague and marketing man, Euf Holthof, passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly last December.

Euf did Podoblock marketing campaigns, advertisements, video’s, photo galleries, webshop content and much more. Since the beginning in 2008, he was always created with a wink, always with his positive opinionated look and sometimes on edge, but often in the middle of a bull’s eye. Euf did not advertise, but he made works of art. And therefore, we would like to make a small tribute to Euf and show you some of his artworks again to remind him like he was.



  MXR stones

  MXR Three billboards

MXR Podoblock

Works of art.

 MXR down under

 MXR and soccer;-)
And now?

Now we have to continue without him and look for a new artist,
but that takes time, of course.
In the meantime, we will create our content ourselves.
So have a little grace with us…..because we cannot make art like Euf,
but we will continue to inform you, sometimes with a wink, just like Euf did.