7 February 2020

The equine limb saver

Our newsletter’s January 2020 issue is Red Boot – Jumping Amsterdam – Musculo-Skeletal and Sports Injuries Course.

Redboot: the equine limb saver 
The revolutionary REDBOOT is new in Podoblock’s product line.

Since the introduction in December 2019, we have already sold several REDBOOTS with very positive results.

The Argentinian-born equine orthopaedic boots, braces, and limb prosthetics to correct flexural and angular limb deformities in foals and to manage any condition where limb immobilisation is required, such as fractures and amputations, tendon and ligament injuries and wounds in horses and foals.
The REDBOOT is available in our webshop.
16th Veterinary Sport Horse Congress :

On 24 and 25 of January 2020, one of the major events for international sport horse vets from all around the globe will take place in Amsterdam: JUMPING AMSTERDAM.

The 16th edition offers a varied programme presented by international speakers. And Podoblock will be there as well! During the day you’ll find us at stand 17. So come in and have a look around.

For more information on the event, click here.
 PS: Friday night, the 24th, our annual night out with the entire staff will take place in the “Strodorp”, so please join us and meet the complete Podoblock team!

Musculo-Skeletal and Sports Injuries Course 

Strengthen Concepts and improve diagnostics: the Advanced Course for musculoskeletal and Sports Injuries of the Horse will occur from 6 to 9 of February in Évola, Portugal. The course will have a practical approach. It aims to strengthen concepts and create a solid basis for the effective diagnosis of locomotor pathologies by dissection of anatomical parts and visualising images and videos.

Podoblock will attend this course with a stand and will support the wetlabs with our Podoblock products.

For more information on the event, click here.