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Aluminium Grid

Aluminium X-ray Grid contains the purest lead to guarantee superior efficiency in the removal of scattered radiation. As a result, superior quality images is achieved.

  • Focused or Parallel
  • Aluminium or Carbon Cover




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Aluminium X-ray Grid improves the transmission rate, which reduces the Bucky Factor. This ultimately reduces patient exposure. In addition, the grids contain the purest lead to ensure superior efficiency in removing scattered radiation. Therefore, superior quality Images are achieved using aluminium inter-spacers and lead strips, precisely milled to uniformity.

LineRate(L/Cm)LineRate(L/Inch)RatioF.D (Cm)Grid Type
401038, 10, 1290 ~ 200AAS
521328, 10, 12
802008, 10, 12
852158, 10, 12
902308, 10, 12
AAS: Aluminum Interspacer, Aluminum Cover, Square
ACS: Aluminum Interspacer, Carbon Cover, Square
AAC: Aluminum Interspacer, Aluminum Cover, Circular
ACC: Aluminum Interspacer, Carbon Cover, Circular
This test was done based on IEC 60627 2001 (2nd), Clause 5.1.4b), 5.2.1, 5.2.3, The international test standard for aluminium grids.
Please note that the carbon cover grid option can be ordered from us as well. However, the standard option we currently supply is aluminium.
Read more in our newsletter here. For alternative backscatter reduction in x-ray images, see also our Backscatter Lead product.

Additional information

Aluminum Grid Option

Focused Grid, Parallel Grid

Aluminum Grid Model/Size

ISO 10 x 12 / Size: 280 x 330 mm, ISO 14 x 17 / Size: 385 x 460 mm, ISO 17 x 17 / Size: 460 x 460 mm, ISO 24 x 30 / Size: 268 x 327 mm

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