3 September 2020

New Lead Free X-ray Apron – Barrier Flex

In our August 2020 Newsletter, we introduced the new X-ray Apron Barrier Flex to our Protection & Safety category. We also announced that The DVG Vet Congress is on schedule for October 2020.

The Barrier Flex

We are excited to introduce the amazing light-weight ULTRAFLEX™ lead-free X-ray Apron – The Barrier Flex!


Exposure to x-ray radiation is harmful, and x-ray aprons help…. but isn’t it satisfying to have an apron that offers maximum protection while providing comfort and is much lighter? 

With the Barrier Flex:

  • ‘Flex’ means ultimate flexibility. 
  • Lead-free means light-weight providing excellent weight distribution and comfort.
  • Adjustable Velcro straps mean a secure and comfortable fit.