26 August 2021

New Anti-scatter Grids

Introducing the brand new superior quality Aluminium Grids!
We know that obtaining quality x-ray images, especially in a mobile environment, can be challenging due to the effects of scattered radiation.

That is why X-ray grids are vital in eliminating this problem by transmitting most primary radiation and selectively rejecting the scattered ones. As a result, high-quality images are captured. 
In our Special X-ray Solutions category, we introduce the new Aluminium Grid!
Our previous grids were sold only by special request and tailor-made.

However, we have found a new supplier with a superior quality grid in the standard ISO model – Focused and Parallel. 

Optionally, we also offer the Carbon Cover as an alternative to the aluminium.  
– Made of the purest lead to guarantee effectiveness in removing scattered radiation.
– Enables you to obtain superior quality images through aluminium inter-spacers and lead – strips precisely milled to uniformity. 
– Available in four (4) sizes in the standard model:         
ISO 10 x 12 | ISO 14 x 17 | ISO 17x 17 and ISO 24 x 30   
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 Please note that we will offer more sizes and models in the future as part of our product range expansion strategy.  However, you can already request specific models and sizes, and we will have it custom made for you!  Please get in touch with us if you have any special requests.  
Upcoming Events: September 2021
 The world is opening up again after a long year and a half – which feels like more than two years, but we are looking forward to getting back to normal – slowly but surely! And that means we’ll be attending several events this year!

Here are the events we will be attending in September with our stand to showcase our innovative products.

We look forward to meeting and greeting our partners and associates. And we hope to see you there! 
 BEVA Congress 2021 

We are happy to announce that we will participate in the BEVA Exhibition in Birmingham, United Kingdom! As an annual sponsor and participant of BEVA exhibitions, we will have a booth to showcase our innovative products on the exhibition floor. And we are looking forward to meeting and greeting all of you who will be there! 

Event Information: 
Name: BEVA Congress 2021
Date: 5-7 September 2021
Location: The International Convention Center (ICC), Birmingham, UK. Learn More

ISELP Module: Fetlock, Carpus, Metacarpus 
This ISELP event will take place in the Netherlands from 16th – 18th September this year.
Podoblock will be there with a stand to present our products. We look forward to seeing you there!  

Event Information: 
Name: ISELP Module: Fetlock, Carpus, Metacarpus
Date: 16-18 September 2021
Place: Heesch, The Netherlands