10 February 2021

Featuring the Corrective Foal Boot!

In this Newsletter, we featured the Redboot Corrective Foal Boot.

RedBoot Corrective Foal Boot 

Each year, thousands of foals are born with flexural or angular limb deformities, deviations at the carpus or fetlocks level, affecting their optimal performance later in life.

Foal with deformed fetlocks

To manage these problemsequine veterinarian Dr. A. Almanza invented the RedBoot Corrective Foal Bootwhich Podoblock supplies. 

The boot is specially made for managing

Correction of:

  • Flexural Limb Deformities or contracted tendons
  • Angular Limb Deformities or toe-in / toe-out conditions

Prevention of:

  • Acquired retraction due to pain post-injury

And for:

  • Permanent or temporary immobilization of the distal limb (for better management of fractures, tendon or ligament injuries and wounds)

It is a ‘one size fits all’  for foals up to approximate 90 days – depending on the size and breed, as these problems can only be managed at the early stages with external coaptation or external devices. 

The limiting factor regarding the size will be at the fetlock articulation level, which means that the feet themselves may not be the problem. It could be depending on the foal’s size and the condition, i.e. swelling of the leg.

With Foal season coming up, we expect possible deformities, and that’s why the RedBoot Corrective Foal Boot is the # 1 choice for managing those problems! 

According to, equine veterinarian, Dr. C.J.W. Scheffer

“We are very happy with the RedBoots. They are superb for young foals with flexural deformities and very easy to use.”

Paardenkliniek De Watermolen B.V.
– C.J.W. (Carmen) Scheffer

Stay tuned.