Introducing: New DR-POUCH!

The lighter, stronger and excellent-fitted pouch that protects your expensive Flat Panel! 

DR-Pouch Flat Panel Protector Case

The DR-Pouch is an excellent upgrade from the DR-Sleeve with a sleek synthetic leather design. It comes with inner layers fully lined with soft foam for maximum protection of your Flat Panel!  

  • It comes with a zipper for a secure enclosure and two sides of transparent material with a clear view of buttons and lights.
  • The durable thermo-plastic strap handle creates a firm grip and easy carrying solution.
  • The panel fits perfectly and avoids edge damages.
  • Now available from stock in 3 sizes with the possibility to request different sizes for different brands.
DR-Pouch Flat Panel Protective Case

The DR-Pouch is the perfect protection pouch for all imaging professionals who constantly move around with their Flat Panel. 

View DR-Pouch 

Upcoming Event

Fundamentals of Radiography & Ultrasound Course

Equine vets, are you looking to brush up on your radiography & ultrasound skills? Then you are in luck! As part of an educational event, BEVA (British Equine Veterinary Association) will be hosting a course based on the Fundamentals of Radiography & Ultrasound, scheduled to run on the 6th of June this year,  at the British Racing School located in Newmarket, United Kingdom.

As an annual sponsor, Podoblock will be supplying a number of our x-ray protection & safety products for use during the one-day course.

Learn More

To stay updated with the events we sponsor and the ones we will be participating in, visit our events page

News by Podoblock BV 2021

Introducing Our Brand New Website!

A brand new website to facilitate our market expansion

After months of hard work and dedication, we are pleased to announce that our new website has been launch!

Podoblock New Website Launch

Designed with a fresh new look, user-friendly navigation, and excellent speed optimization, our visitors will experience effortless browsing!
The new Site facilitates our market expansion to the Small Animal veterinary and Human medical field with our current and new product range.

Our visitors will experience a smooth and easy way to browse and shop online, learn more about our imaging solutions, and stay up-to-date with news and events in the market sector.

Expanding Our Markets

With over 25+ years of experience in the Equine field and 13 + years of developing products to enhance imaging efficiency for mobile equine veterinarians, we have expanded to the Small Animal (Veterinary) and Human (Medical) markets with our unique and innovative products!

Why Are We Expanding

What makes our products so unique are the durability, portability and practical benefits gained by the end-users. You can pack them up and take them anywhere with you. The set up is effortless, and you can efficiently get the job and get back to your life or tend to another patient.

Small Animal

We have had many successful years in the equine veterinary field and received multiple requests and recommendations for our products to be supplied to Small Animal veterinary sector. Our products are already being used in this sector – both in the mobile and stationary working environment. 

For example, our Special X-ray Solutions products facilitate safe and high-quality x-rays of small animals.
This is just one example of the many benefits our products provide for veterinarians. We truly understand the advantages of being mobile, efficient and safe while obtaining veterinary images. And all our products are designed to facilitate and improve the working environment and imaging quality. 

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The current pandemic has disrupted our lives tremendously and limited our access to prompt healthcare. With hospitals and health centres overwhelmed with COVID19 cases, many non-essential patients have limited physical access to health centres, hospital care and consultations while maintaining social distancing and staying safe.

With this dilemma, health care workers must be more mobile and venture out to meet and tend to their patients.

For several years, hospitals in some parts of Europe have been using our Stat-X multi-purpose and portable stands to obtain images of human patients and for other functions.
What makes the stands and other Podoblock products attractive are the unique benefits.
With the end-user in mind, our products are made with lightweight materials but durable and last forever.

Stat-X Multi-purpose stands

All stands are foldable or retractable for easy transportation and space-saving in areas or compartments with limited space. The multi-functionalities are effective for achieving efficiency, especially in a mobile environment.
Thus, with our current product range and new products launches in the pipeline for this year, we believe that there are opportunities to grow in this sector.

And we are certainly looking forward to it!

View Human

We hope you find our new website pleasant. If you encounter any problems or have any recommendations/suggestions on improving your experience with the site, please let us know. We are always open to listen. 

Podoblock BV

March 2021: Storage Rack Complete

In the March 2021 Newsletter, we recommended the Storage Rack Complete for all veterinarians for their veterinary practice.

In a veterinary practice or imaging environment, maintaining order for easily accessible tools and accessories is essential for efficiency and effectiveness when obtaining radiographs. For example, don’t lose an X-ray glove or protective goggles when you most need them.  Be organized!
For that, we recommend the Storage Rack Complete from our Protection & Safety category. 
With the Storage Rack Complete, you are  looking at a stand that is sturdy, mobile and stores up to:

  • Six garments
  • Three pairs of gloves
  • Three sets of goggles

And the excellent compact design makes it suitable for all working environment – big or small! 


  • Mobile and easily transportable 
  • The rack comes in parts and easy to assemble
  • Durable Stainless Steel
  • The stand has 4 castor wheels, 2 of which have a break pedal
  • Excellent stand to store our Aprons and Gloves

And to complete your package, we will include 6 FREE Apron hangers when you order online or through e-mail! 

If you have any special request, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or give us a call on 0031 – 50-8200 257. We speak your language! 

Greetings, Podoblock

February 2021: Featuring The RedBoot Corrective Foal Boot!

In this Newsletter, we featured the Redboot Corrective Foal Boot.

RedBoot Corrective Foal Boot 

Each year, thousands of foals are born with flexural or angular limb deformities, deviations at the carpus or fetlocks level, affecting their optimal performance later in life.

Foal with deformed fetlocks

To manage these problemsequine veterinarian Dr. A. Almanza invented the RedBoot Corrective Foal Bootwhich Podoblock supplies. 

The boot is specially made for managing

Correction of:

  • Flexural Limb Deformities or contracted tendons
  • Angular Limb Deformities or toe-in / toe-out conditions

Prevention of:

  • Acquired retraction due to pain post-injury

And for:

  • Permanent or temporary immobilization of the distal limb (for better management of fractures, tendon or ligament injuries and wounds)

It is a ‘one size fits all’  for foals up to approximate 90 days – depending on the size and breed, as these problems can only be managed at the early stages with external coaptation or external devices. 

The limiting factor regarding the size will be at the fetlock articulation level, which means that the feet themselves may not be the problem. It could be depending on the foal’s size and the condition, i.e. swelling of the leg.

With Foal season coming up, we expect possible deformities, and that’s why the RedBoot Corrective Foal Boot is the # 1 choice for managing those problems! 

According to, equine veterinarian, Dr. C.J.W. Scheffer

“We are very happy with the RedBoots. They are superb for young foals with flexural deformities and very easy to use.”

Paardenkliniek De Watermolen B.V.
– C.J.W. (Carmen) Scheffer

Stay tuned.

Now in Outlet January 2021

Even equine veterinarians look for bargains when shopping for tools for their veterinary business. Well, you’re in luck because we moved the Angleator and Sørender to the outlet shop with almost 50% discount on the original prices! Take advantage of this super deal before the offer expires. Check out the fantastic benefits these products provide, now with a great discount! 


ItemOriginalOutlet Price
Angleator Set | Base + Dummy€700.00€335.00
Angleator Base€550.00€270.00

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To facilitate safe and precise endotracheal intubation procedures in equine dentistry. The device can be inserted between the incisors and combined with a full anaesthetic with an extra Ø 30 mm or Ø 50 mm hole for endotracheal tube transit. The boithane straps tightly secure the mouth gag in place, thus freeing the veterinarian’s hands while focusing on the procedure.

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January 2021: New Year, Fresh Start | Brexit

Happy New Year!

We wish you all a prosperous 2021. This year we look forward to better serve you through our communication channels, product repair services and processes.
We hope that soon we will have some normality to our lives again – how we communicate and interact with each other, whether through exhibitions or small in-person conversations.  And that means we hope to meet again soon. Until then, we wish you good health and fortunes. 

Fresh Start

In 2020, we worked tirelessly on our branding strategy. As a result, we have a new and fresh style, including a redesigned logo and tag line. We’ve retained the name Podoblock because the product was our first and signature product that set the company’s foundation. And of which we are proud. This transformation is to facilitate the expansion of Podoblock – which we will share with you soon. Stay tuned!

Brexit and Podoblock

On January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom has left the European Union. However, luckily, the UK managed, just in time, to settle on a trade deal called the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA). Read more here

As our main office is located in the Netherlands, this also affects how we conduct business with our UK customers and sales partners, especially regarding the shipping procedure.

How will this influence UK customers purchasing from Podoblock?

If you’re purchasing from us:

  • There will be no import duties on products shipping to the UK with a value from GBP 135.00 and higher. 
  • Expect at least one day delay in shipping due to extra paperwork and customs handling.

We will work effortlessly to ensure that all shipments are processed as efficiently as possible. If you incur any problems or change in prices via our webshop, and it doesn’t look right, please contact our sales office to rectify the issue(s). 

That said, we wish you all the best and a smooth process throughout the year. 


December 2020: Happy Holidays!

As we closed the year 2020, we wanted to wish all of our customers happy holidays.

Holiday Notice

Please be aware that our office will be closed on the following days:

  • 25, 26 & 31 December 2020
  • 1 January 2021

All other days (excluding weekends) we remain open for business. If you have any questions or requests, you can always reach us via e-mail, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Our webshop remains open 24/7 if you’re looking to place an order. We will make sure we process any order as efficiently as we can. 

November 2020: Introducing The Podoblock Plus Parade!

In this month’s marketing newsletter, we launched the Podoblock Plus Parade promotion just before the Holiday season!

Welcome to the Podoblock Plus Parade!

Ah, yes! It’s that time of the year again when we transform in awe at Christmas lights and shiny decorations and Christmas carols.  And as part of sharing the joy this holiday season, we are launching a Plus Parade at Podoblock! 

What is the Podoblock Plus Parade? 
Simple. When you order an item from our webshop, you will receive a discount on that product but when you add (plus +)  another product (any product) you receive a higher discount rate. The more you add, the more discount you receive!

So go ahead, parade away and get up to 10% off discount with your bundled purchases! Valid from December 1-15, 2020. 

Podoblock Plus Parade Promotion

Discounts are available on all items on the webshop – including our outlet shop and will be automatically added to your shopping list. 

 Discounts are as follows: 
– 1 item   =   2% discount
– 2 items =   4% discount
– 3 items =   6% discount
– 4 items =   8% discount
– 5 items =   10% discount
(max discount, not max items)

Take advantage now and welcome the new year with stacked inventory for your practice! 


Introducing: OPU ProbeHolder By Podoblock

In our October 2020 Newsletter, we launched and introduced our new OPU Probeholder! We also gave insight into the Horse’s knee-joint workshop organised by Pferdeklinik Barkhof in Sottrum, Germany. Read more below.

As part of our master plan to make our products more efficient, simple and effective for conducting your daily practices, we are excited to introduce yet another new and innovative ultrasound solutions product!


Newsletter October 2020

In this newsletter, we announced our in-house repair services for all of our customers. And most importantly, what not to do when experiencing a problem. We also updated our customers about Events that took place.

Read more below:

Product Repairs, and what “NOT” to do 

First and foremost, we want to thank all of you who have supported us throughout the years—that’s why we offer our support in return. 

From the initial stage of our company, one of the most crucial factors for building the business was to develop products that are durable and made of the highest quality material. 

We have always set our standard through high product quality, and we continue to maintain that. Therefore, our products are made to last and rarely damage by themselves. If there are any damages, there usually is an explanation for it. 

In such cases, we can help by first determining what the damages are through speaking over the phone or images through WhatsApp or e-mail. We listen. And if the product comes with a warranty, we can guide you with instructions from our side, and only then might you be able to repair it yourself with parts we can send.

If all fails, we will send a loan replacement while fixing the damaged item or sending a new one. 

Example: Dismantled NewCart (DO NOT DO THIS)

We strongly advise against dismantling a product before speaking with us or reporting it first. 

The reason is, our products are sometimes complicated yet straightforward, and you may not know what the problem is. It could be tiny and fixable by you, or something more complicated. That is why we strongly recommend that you report it first.

The rest we will do, happily. 

Events Updates

As COVID-19 continues to erupt our lives, we saw many of the annual events and workshops cancelled this year. 

AAEP and BEVA, two of the biggest annual events have also been cancelled. However, there are a minor few. Others have switched to virtual online. 

These are the following location-based upcoming events for the rest of the year. And Podoblock is a proud sponsor. 
 Workshop on horse’s knee-joint

Date: 14 November 2020

Location: Pferdeklinik Barkhof, Sottrum, Germany

This 1-day workshop will focus on the anatomy and physiology of the knee joint, clinical and radiological examination, sonographic examination.

KNMVD Actualiseringscursus Paard
 Date: 29 Oct &  25 Nov  2020
 Location:  Utrecht, Zwolle & Lent

This course will be focused on the theme: “Around and on the horse in 2020”. They will take place at 3 locations throughout the Netherlands.
Check the KNMVD website for more information.

Advanced Course for Equine Vets in Portugal
: 3, 4, 5 & 6 December 2020
Location: Evora, Portugal

This course will feature Diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for injuries of the elbow, carpus, metacarpus and fetlock regions. Veterinarians will have an 8-hour contact during the 4-days period. The workshop will be conducted by  Jairo Jaramillo Cardenas.

View Events

We hope that we will soon overcome this pandemic – together, and we will get back to participating in these events, and just meeting up with our customers, partners, friends and associates. 

Until then, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or request. We are more than happy to assist you further.